The Academy

The Academy "Center of excellence"

MK Fencing Academy is the first of its kind in United Arab Emirates. MKFA was established in 2002 by Mihail G. Kouzev. The primary objective of the Academy is to promote the sport of modern fencing in the region and make it sustainable and viable prospect for all people and especially the youth.


"Passion for Fencing"


Integrity, respect, dedication, honesty, innovation, responsibility ,quality, learning, enjoyment, fulfillment .

MKFA Programs

In the Academy are practicing fencers from 6 years old - recreational to Olympic level of fencers! The trainings are conducted by professional and very well educated Master coaches. The training sessions are flexible and focused on the individual goals of the fencers. The duration is between 30min (for the "one on one" private fencing sessions) to 90min (group sessions) it depends of the age, the level and the stage of preparation. The sessions are including specific fencing drills such as movements, techniques, tactics and game play.

Mission Statement

To achieve the standards of a World class Fencing Academy through dedicated team work, innovative Academy training programs, fencers motivation and respect


MK Fencing Academy MKFA, UAE is affiliated as a member with the UAE Fencing Federation , please see here: 

MK Fencing Academy is also supported by Super Sport Academies 

MKFA Objectives

      -To promote the sport of modern Fencing amongst all people in United Arab Emirates as practice for young and old, men and women, boys and girls from different cultures and education
      -To develop competitive UAE National and Expatriates fencers of all levels from beginners to Olympic players and to encourage recreational fencers
      -To make Fencing a sustainable and viable prospect throughout the United Arab Emirates and educate young people in particular
      -To develop their physical prowess as well as social competencies such as working as part of a team, solidarity, tolerance and fair play
      -To provide the highest level of facility and equipment to all for use and enjoy the sport of modern Fencing
      - Maintain safety and enjoyable fencing training sessions
      - To develop a strong social base and, most of all to have FUN


MKFA is using the excellent facilities of Raffles International School, South campus. Please see here

Official Photographer

Andy Pavlov