Date: 22.04.2013

Lena Paipai

Dear Coaches Mihail, Maria and Dimitar

Yesterday, at the UAE Fencing Federation epee and foil competition for girls under 15yrs old, I watched with great pride the MKFA's girl fencers' spirit for the sport itself, the event and their fellow fencers. It was truly remarkable to see them all doing their best to win; I witnessed their wish to win to grow from winning for themselves to winning for the Academy and their coaches; I witnessed their support for each other with their pure and innocent feelings, a support that has been instilled in them by you.  It was equally remarkable to see your never ending support and encouragement throughout the day's event; you never stopped for one second going from one fencer to the next, , whether they were fencing, resting or warming up, offering advice and encouragement.

Not only you are good fencing coaches, you are also excellent sports psychologists and pedagogics.  You embrace the fencers like they are your own children and train them with your heart!  You know how to support and encourage the fencers, particularly the sensitive teenage fencers, and teach them how to deal with any shortcomings in the sports world, a lesson from which I know they will draw great advice and remember it if they need it in their lives.  I saw that first hand on Friday at the Federation's event and I am grateful to you as a parent.

God Bless you. Thank you

Lena Paipai 

Date: 19.06.2012

Ivone Van Doorn

Fencing - Thank you  from mums at Dubai English Speaking School

Dear Mihail,

This email serves to thank your club for offering our kids at DESS fencing lesson opportunity.

Coach Dimitar Kestenov has by far been THE MOST professional, astute, focused and not to mention engaging coach we as parents and kids have ever encountered in a sport.

His ability to teach,engage, singularly understand each kids strength and weakness has been such a great investment in our kids.  They have learned the art of sport, focus, health, goals within a sincere and warm environment provided by coach Dimitar.  

We shall continue fencing in September as school resumes and look forward to it and hope that Dimitar will take us forward with his passion within this sport which he always reminds us {with a smile} this is a gentleman's sport.  

I had to write and commend Dimitar on this great experience.

look forward to Sept as today will be our last session till vacation.

kindest regards

Ivone Van Doorn [mum of Alex & Christopher]

Corina Rosca

Hello everyone,

My son Andre had only one lesson with the coach Dimitar and we absolutely loved it!! I wasn't sure that my son would like this kind of sports activity but coach Dimitar made him "love" it, i'm very happy with the results.

Kind regards,

Corina Rosca 

Laura Mellstorm

I would like to thank all of you for your care and coaching over the last 4 years which has given Fergus such a great start in the sport.

MKFA is a fantastic fencing school which provides international class coaching whilst still keeping it fun for the kids. High professional standards are imposed in a friendly and caring environment, so the fencers get a really great start in the sport.

Keep in touch

Laura, Jonathan, Fergus & family x