Welcome Back 2015-2016!

Dear Fencers and Friends, welcome back!

Although it is very hard to see the summer going we have a lot to look forward this year and we are all very excited! 

Last season we have celebrated several outstanding fencing achievements, all can be seen here: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/achievements.

While we have had many successes in the past I am confident we will achieve even better results in all of our programmes this year. MKFA strives to have its fencers reach their full potential in all levels and age groups by providing you innovative programs and safe environment to learn. 

Important dates and major events: 

•Academy programmes are resuming on 16th of August, 2015 as per the following schedules: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/schedule-fees/schedule 

•Summer Junior Camp continuing with Part 4 & 5: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/programs/fencing-camps/summer-camp 

Upcoming events and camps: 

•MKFA Junior Epee Cups ( age groups U12,U15 & U17 boys and girls) : http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/news-events/events 

-Cup 1 - 27th of November, 2015

-Cup 2 – 29th of January, 2016

-Cup 3 -  18th of March, 2016

-Cup 4 – 29th of April, 2016

-Cup 5 Final – 27th of May, 2016


•MKFA Adults Epee Cups ( age group Open):

-Cup 1 – 28th of November, 2015 

-Cup 2 – 19th of March, 2016

-Cup 3 Final – 30th of April, 2016 

•UAE Fencing Federation Calendar of events: the calendar will be available the first week of September and I will share it with you.  

International Events: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/news-events/events 


-Qatar Fencing Grand Prix 5-6 of December, 2015 

-MKFA international Epee Cup 11-12 of December, 2015 

-Balkan Club Championship Bulgaria 23-24 of April, 2016


•Junior Camps:

-Winter Camp – 20-24 of December, 2015

-Spring Camp – 27-31 of March, 2016 ; 3-7 of April, 2016

-Summer Camp – Part 1 3-7 of July, 2016; Part 2 14-18 of August, 2016 ; Part 3 21-25 of August, 2016

•MKFA Awards Ceremony – 10th of Jun, 2016  

Thank you for being part of MKFA fencing community and we are looking forward to one successful year field with learning, high results and fun!

Yours in Fencing,


MKFA team